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J. Hambleton is the destination for original, handmade fur, leather garments and metalsmithed modern-rustic country styled jewelry.

Kellie Stockton
Miss Rodeo Colorado 2016

Hailey Frederiksen
Miss Rodeo Colorado Lady-in-Waiting

Kellie Stockton

Miss Rodeo Colorado 2019


Hailey Frederiksen

Miss Rodeo Colorado


Be it a bag made of hide, a vest made of leather, one of our famous coats made of buffalo fur or our styled jewelry line made with gemstones or antler  – get products made of original natural material.

This makes sure that no two items are replicas of each other and they are unique in their own way!


Our Product Lines

J. Hambleton is a combination of three unique collections of apparel, jewelry and accessories.

  • The Fur Side
  • Crossfox Jewelry Designs
  • Tailgunner Apparel

Each of these is designed by our in-house talented artisans who carefully craft each product as an art.

Our Experience and Quality Assurance

We have been in the business for four decades now, and we are known for our quality. Our customers often remember and talk about the amazing service we provided them. Most of our customers keep coming back to buy from us and also send referrals.

All our products are made in the USA and are carefully inspected for quality before they are shipped via Buffalo Post.

J. Hambleton, Ltd

J.Hambleton offers free shipping across the US for most of our products.