Feed back on Fur Pom Black and White Beanie
I ordered 2, one for myself and one for my daughter. We love them! The lining is really soft and warm, the fur is beautiful and they are of a very nice quality.

Kate and Delaney Ruland

I LOVE them!!! Court does amazing workmanship!! And she's amazing to work with!

Scott D.

Hello! I'm writing this review in regards to The Fur Side fur company. I met this WONDERFUL family in Las Vegas in 2019. As many know, there are several fur companies setup during the NFR. However, The Fur Side was my go to stand. They didn't hover as I shopped, but were there to explain their products and answer questions. They are very personable people and are completely open to doing custom orders, without thinking I was crazy for my request! (A hat and scarf for my dogs) I have all kinds of things planned for the future and I'm so thankful to have met this amazing family to help bring my ideas to life! I wouldn't want to use any other company!

Jessica R.

The Fur Side...Our Favorite Must Stop anytime we're at the NFR in Vegas or The National Western in Denver! An AMAZING selection of beautifully crafted fur pieces from Millie and Company! While looking for a something special, I discovered a hair on Bison bomber jacket and hat. They were a HIT at a recent Black Powder Trade Fair. No one had seen anything like them! Those pieces joined the exquisite Beaver vest with Wampum buttons I already had waiting at home. Unique and beautiful, and sure to grab the attention of everyone who sees you wearing them! First rate customer service and a lot of fun, sharing stories with their clients! You won't be disappointed!

Diane R.

The fur side brought my vision to life! I shot a black bear and instead of mounting it I wanted something I could and would use. Beautiful bear chaps!! I was able to provide the hide and they took care of the rest. These are "high end" to say the least. Working with the fur side was everything I could have wished for and I look forward to doing business with them again in the future.

Brad P.

Last fall I purchased a crystal fox stroller from the Fur Side. Millie came to my house so I could try on a few styles since I was undecided. When I settled on the style, she took my measurements and custom tailored the coat and lining to my preferences. The coat turned out even more beautiful than I imagined! It's so cozy on cold winter days. I feel like royalty wearing it! I can't wait to add a matching hat. Thank you Fur Side for exceeding my expectations!


"I absolutely adore my crystal fox fur coat it is so timeless and eye catching! I get so many compliments on it every time I wear it! What I love about fur is the sustainability of it. Unlike faux fur that will eventually end up in a landfill my real Fur coat will be worn for many years to come. This coat is the most beautiful and warm coat I have ever worn!"

Jordan Tierney

Miss Rodeo America 2020

As Miss Rodeo Colorado, we are graciously sponsored by the Colorado Trappers and
Predator Hunters Association and are gifted a stunning fur coat created by Millie and Gerry
Mathies-Beck with J. Hambleton, LTD. It has always been a dream of mine to own a genuine fur
coat, and I couldn't be more ecstatic when I got my fur coat and how it turned out! I chose a
Crystal Fox fur for my stroller coat that not only looks stunning on but feels so luxurious. As a
special touch, they even sewn in my initials on the inside of the coat to personalize it and make it
that much more memorable for me. In addition to my gorgeous coat, CTPHA along with Millie
and Gerry, had a custom fur vest made for me and last year's Miss Rodeo Colorado. I picked a
Beaver fur for the body of the vest and Bobcat for the collar. I absolutely love my vest because I
can wear it wherever and the fit is seamless! Millie and Gerry's generosity and attention to detail
is what sets them apart and makes them special, to me. They're such wonderful people and I am
truly thankful for all that they do for the Miss Rodeo Colorado organization. I wouldn't
recommend anyone else other than J Hambleton, LTD. for all of your fur needs!

Miss Rodeo Colorado

I truly cannot say enough good things about my silver fox fur coat. I was presented with this gorgeous fur during my year as Miss Rodeo America in 2018. I wore it often being from Florida and freezing in almost every other state I visited. It fits like a glove and is SO comfortable. I truly never wanted to take it off. It traveled thousands of miles with me and never once tore or became damaged and I know that's because of how well it was made. I got so many compliments on my fur and it's style/color/fit. It's a timeless, classy, and irreplaceable piece I will cherish forever. If you are in the market for anything fur, look no further! Beck Millie and her team do an INCREDIBLE job and will make sure your fur is flawless.

Keri S.

I've been looking at full length bison coats for years. I took my time comparing quality and style. I finally found the perfect coat yesterday and pulled the trigger! Gerry and Millie at The Fur Side have the best product out there - and they're just fun to visit with! Check them out at their next event or give them a call for a private showing.

James M.

There is nothing better than the warm and soft feeling of fur. Whether you are outside in the snow or walking into the store on a chilly day, fur is welcoming and comfortable. It is my honor to own two pieces made by The Fur Side that I wear proudly. My fur lynx coat and beaver mittens have kept me warm in the coldest of weather and make me look amazing. I also have a fur vest of sheared beaver and badger belly on the collar that I wear anywhere I go, even to the barn to feed. Both furs are so beautiful and durable. They are lovely and they keep me warm in those cold winter mornings in the Rockies. If you are looking for beauty and quality, look no further than The Fur Side.

Kelly Stockton Miss Colorado 2018

Ever since I was a little girl, I have ALWAYS admired my grandma' s elk ivory jewelry. I knew, one day, I would get my own set. Not only has this cow fed my family for over a year. I was finally able to have my own ivory jewelry! I'm in awe, it's so gorgeous!!! @crossfoxjewelry thank you so much for such beautiful work!! The Ring is from Kyles elk the year prior, earrings are my hunt. <3 @grammiekayrn
#girlshunttoo #feedingmyfam #ivory #grammiesgirl

Muire Jones